Our Method: THE FOOD

We use the finest ingredients we can find in order to create the best pizza and pasta you’ve ever had.  We will always cook our pizzas right on the stone, the traditional way, so they will always come out crispy and delicious.  We will always buy the best chicken we can find and then slow bake them in our ovens, then flash fry them right before they get to you so you always have crispy skin and juicy chicken.  And we want to know what you think. ‘Cause we think you’re gonna be impressed.

Our Method: THE BAR

With 20 beers on tap that rotate frequently, we spend a lot of time on a daily basis planning and finding just the right mix of craft beer for you to pair with your dinner. We also have a variety of cocktails we know you will enjoy. We will continue to stock an array of thoughtfully arranged craft beer so that there will always be something for everyone (over 21 of course)!


We strive to create a family atmosphere here, both for you and for ourselves. We love each other, most of the time, and we try to make sure everyone is comfortable being himself or herself while here. We figure if we’re having fun, it’s contagious, and you’ll start having fun too. That said, we want to provide the best customer service you’ve ever had. We want to do it with a smile. And we want to do it in our own special way.

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